Save the Middle Mosel Area !

Stop the Building of the High Mosel Bridge !


We invite you to make your own picture about the project B50 / High Mosel Bridge and its consequences. Read about the severe impact on the vineyards and villages of the Mosel Valley and how you can support us, if you want to.

Our mission:

To bring to an end the proposed devastation of the valuable landscape at the heart of the Middle Mosel and to initiate appropriate development of the area's tourism and wine industries

Our demands:

  • An immediate building freeze for the B50neu
  • A reassessment of the outdated road and bridge plan with the aim of ascertaining current regional infrastructure requirements*
  • An appropriate economic development strategy which eliminates damage to the cultural heritage sites of the Middle Mosel and instead promotes the region's assets
  • * This should include a survey of the maintenance needs of existing roads and look at opportunities for the creation of new public transport services

Hugh Johnson about the High Mosel Bridge international press   


Ein schwarzer Tag Pfeiler A61 Appell Merkel

Hochmoselbrückendino vorher-nachher Stuart Pigott in Graach


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